Dear Moi Dolls,

Kendall Jenner; 5ft 10inches, 115 pounds, supermodel

Taylor Swift; 5ft 11inches, 119 pounds, singer

Victoria Beckham; 5ft 4inches, 110 pounds, fashion designer

Cara Delevingne; 5ft 8inches, 112 pounds, supermodel

Average Woman; 5ft 4inches, 130 pounds, healthy

These names are all names we know of. As young women, these are the women in which we look up to. Women that are our role models, women we aim to be and look like. But why?

Look around. Look at your friends. Look at what they’re doing, what they’re achieving with their lives. Look at the girl who lives down the road. Did she just land a scholarship and is jetting off to an amazing uni? Look at your cousins. Did one just set up her own business. What about your own mother. She’s worked day and night to give you 3 meals a day and a roof over your head.

Why do we choose to look up to these celebrities, whom we do not even know, when the people around us are just as inspirational. Why are these celebrities that are so underweight, so edited in their pictures which are shown to us, with several plastic surgeries in their pockets, be the ones we should aspire to be?

Many young women today have mass insecurities due to this force of media that promotes a unhealthy image of how we should look. Extreme dieting is as popular as ever in teen girls, and alongside social media, we all feel the pressure, the anxiety of needing to be perfect, to be like them.

But what if the world learned to live differently. We appreciate these celebrities, they are there for reasons, but we aspire to be those around us, and not the unhealthy image of what we see now. If a healthier image was promoted, a more realistic one that could actually be achieved.

And that comes to why I am here, why La Vie De Moi exists.

La Vie De Moi means the life of me. And that is exactly what this blog is about. The life of us ordinary girls, and being proud of it. With my Moi Dolls by my side we aim to produce a new force of media.

Being a Moi Doll is a lifestyle. It’s a way of life in which the moi doll is another representation of you, almost a alter ego, in which you are a more confident, happier and healthier version of yourself. And eventually you should aim to be this moi doll, you should not strive towards being a tall underweight supermodel, but just a better version of yourself.

“Be proud of where you’re from…be proud of who you are… and wear a cute outfit at the same time!”

For any enquiries email me at darcey.laviedemoi@yahoo.com

Darcey Rose

Chief Editor x