London Fashion Week Highlights

London Fashion Week (LFW) has never failed to show case soLFWme of the most amazing fashion designs around and 2015 was no different. Although I wasn’t able to make it a few friends I have did and they jumped at the chance to tell me how lovely it was! Fashion is something that can bring the strangest of people together to unite. Designers, models, photographer and bloggers alike all looked absolutely fabulous (from the pictures I seen anyway!) LFW impresses me more year after year. Anyway, let’s get on to some of LFW’s designer highlights.

11am on the 20th of September David Koma showcased his Spring/Summer collection for 2016 with some statement pieces. He is a London based fashion designer who has become known for designing pieces at body contouring silhouettes creating sculptural statement dresses inspired by the feminine form, it is this design element that has projected the young designer onto the international stage. His designs have really took off in the business recently, being known as ‘little tight dresses’ this pieces of clothing are really something too rock. David always seems to go for the darker, more monochrome looking pieces but we still love them all the same!

Brighting up the catwalk at 4pm the same day was Paul Smiths designs; presenting his Spring/Summer 2016 collection that was so very much anticipated. Paul is one of Britain’s most wonderful designers. He is renowned for his creative spirit, which combines tradition and modernity. He tends to go for a cutting-edge design and many bold colours to create many beautifully-made, desirable, modern pieces. According to some reports Paul doesn’t seem to bring anything new each year to LFW but I have to say, the audience and a lot of other people I know do not agree; including myself. I’d say it was a job very well done.

As the next day approached many started to get excited about Thomas Tait’s designs, which were showcased at 4pm. His Spring/Summer 2016 pieces definitely brought something different and unique to LFW (as always!). He totally uses his designs to embrace structure but add a lot of fluidity, using pieces that accentuate people’s best features. Bold print dresses to high waisted skirts to black statement jumpsuits his collection for next year is endlessly mind-blowing! He often is critiqued for his unique style and eye for detail of his designs but that certainly didn’t stop him getting an amazing reaction from his viewers.

Vivienne Westwood (Red Label) also stunned us this year with some amazing put together pieces, at 5pm on the 20th. Vivienne’s Red Label was able to mix modern with prints of the past and totally bold colours that add so much to her pieces. Her pieces are ever so majestic and she never fails to bring her all to all the fashion weeks, you can really tell this women knows that she is doing. Casual mixed with formal and flowy matched with straight, she really knows the greatest way to go about winning our inner fashion critiques. Spring/Summer 2016 is definitely bringing great things for Vivienne’s Red Label, I say bring it on.

Lastly, Amanda Wakeley showcased her designs on the 22nd at 11am. She is best known for her glamorous evening and cocktail dresses and accessories, and for her “clean glam” signature style. And that is what she brought this year! Pastel colours combined with many whites and some statement black pieces these designs are my favourite out of all of them. Simply stunning pieces have been thoroughly thought out this year making these designs really stand out. Amanda is one of the smaller designers (when comparing the likes of Vivienne and Paul) but she is worthy of so much more credit!

That was a little look into LFW this year, I honestly can’t wait to see more of the different designs that are showcased in the other fashion week’s within the next few weeks and maybe next year I will be able to make it to LFW. If you’d like a better look into the designers that were involved with this year’s fashion week (and years past) you can check out their website here.

Written By Livia Mae

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