How To… Know If A Boy Likes You

This is probably the most popular question to enter a girls’ mind. Does he like me? Does he not? How do I know?

Well today, I’m here to solve all your prayers as here are the top five ways to know if a boy likes you…

1. It’s all in the eyes…

One easy way to know if a boy likes you is by his eyes. If he causes a lot of eye contact between you, it means that he’s interested in what you have to say, and wants to know more. Ever heard of the saying ‘eyes are the key to your soul’? By him peering into your eyes constantly during a conversation implies he wants to know you more, your personality, your interests, your hobbies, everything about you.

Another way in which you can see if he likes you by the eyes is through his pupil size. Your pupils enlarge when you see something you like, and shrink when you see something you don’t, so if he likes you, when he looks at you his pupils will enlarge. However you must be careful, as pupils also enlarge in the dark in order to get as much light into your eyes as possible to allow you to see, so be careful not to check this in a dimly light area.


The next way to see if a boy likes you is through how much he smiles! Smiling releases a happy chemical called endorphins, and if you smile a lot around something specifically, the more endorphins that are released so you therefore start to link that object to happy emotions. Smiling is also contagious, so by him smiling, he’s trying to also make you smile to release the endorphins in you, to also make you link him to happiness. And this is all done without none of you even realising! But if you know the signs then you can know exactly what is going on!

3. Which Direction?

Sitting down? Take a look at his feet and positioning of his body. When someone likes you, and are interested in what you have to say, their feet will be positioned to point in your direction, and in some cases where he likes you a lot, his entire body will be facing your way! Although this one is a little harder to measure since you may not always be able to spot his feet and you don’t want to look like you have a weird obsession, but if you’re able to catch him out, then you may be able to take your relationship to the next step!

This is great to try especially when you are talking within a group! If he is positioned towards you despite others being there proves he is a lot more interested in you than any of the others.

4. Open or Closed?

Again taking into account the positioning of his body when talking to you. If he seems rather relaxed, and open with arms maybe stretched out behind him, legs open and relaxed, chest out, shows that he is calm and relaxed around you and that he most likely has a thing for you! However, if he seems rather tense, arms crossed, legs closed or crossed, and his body pulled in towards himself, shows that he is not comfortable around you all.

However make sure to check this one a few times as he may just be nervous!

5. Lets Chat!

Boys are not types to talk and discuss about their emotions. If a boy can openly talk to you about his emotions and how he feels, it shows he really truly trusts you and may even want to pursue something.

So next time you’re around that special crush, or maybe you’re unsure if that friend might think the relationship is a little more, try looking out for these top body language signs.

If you need advice on anything from health to boys to education, email us at We will either reply by email within the next few hours or upload it onto our blog! Anon of course to protect your privacy!

Written By Darcey Rose

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