Kendall Jenner Style Rate

Before I wrote this article I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know much about Kendall Jenner…. I’ve never really watched or been a fan of the Kardashians but even I recognised Kendall as it seems she’s the face of so many iconic brands. Chanel, Topshop, 2CC4873A00000578-0-image-m-12_1443216342765Balmain, Fendi, Calvin Klein and even creating a killer lipstick for Estee Lauder, it seems Kendall really is the ‘it girl’ of the moment!
Looking at pictures of her style I’d say she is very casual, sporty and laid-back, really just sticking to a classic pair of jeans and a T-shirt. But she tends to get glammed up for special events and looks gorgeous. She has pretty much the perfect figure so she basically would look amazing in anything!

I must say I’m not the greatest fan of Kendall’s overall style. I think during the day she plays it very safe and dare I say boring? On special events she glams up but even then I feel she doesn’t really have a signature look or iconic style yet. I loved a recent picture of her in a denim 70’s jumpsuit but other than that she seems to stick to rather casual outfits that lack a certain something for me. There’s no denying she is absolutely stunning and looks gorgeous in anything but I feel she needs to express herself a bit more through her outfit choices and experiment a bit.hbz-style-secret-kendall-jenner_3

A slightly more ‘rock chick’ look here, but again not really feeling this outfit… It’s very ‘I’m going to my first ever gig’ and teamed with the tan boots it just doesn’t work for me!







hbz-kendall-street-0803Far too posh spice circa 1997 for me…. the belt, the short jeans with longer boots, not the best combo








2CC4873A00000578-0-image-m-12_1443216342765Yes! This is killer! If I had Kendall’s figure I would wear this everyday. She pulls of major 70’s vibes effortlessly and teamed with a tan belt, boots and gorgeous bag she looks incredible! Definitely a 5/5 for this one!







Again, a little bit dull, it’s not terrible but it’s just a bit plain and safe, and I’m jut not a fan of the orange lenses either…hbz-kendall-jenner-june18-gettyimages-477678428









This coat is seriously unreal and the pastel colour is gorgeous but the shiny black jeggings…I feel they look a tad, dare I say, tacky?!

hbz-kendall-street-0902-splashBig fan of this one. It’s casual and plain yet looks very elegant and chic. The red turtle neck is gorgeous and I love the cut of the jeans and the brogues too. This gets a big thumbs up from me!







Unreal! This gorgeous monochrome, checked suit is just gorgeous. It screams coco chanel and teamed with holly golightly style sunglasses, it’s just dreamy!hbz-kendall-jenner-street-style-look-07








I do quite like the print of the dress but…it doesn’t quite work for me especially with the shoes.


Overall I’ll rate Kendall a 3/5.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 21.49.02

Written By Harriet HuttonScreen Shot 2015-09-05 at 22.34.30

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