Trendspotting in Liverpool

Fashion is something that can often to very subjective and a lot of people can’t appreciate it because they simply think it is something that it isn’t. People have the perception that fashion is for those with lots of money and I can tell you now that is so far the truth I can’t even explain. Fashion is very much like people in that it comes in all different, shapes, sizes and colours. What’s fashionable to me may not be to the person standing in front of me, what is fashionable to you might not be to your friends. Fashion is so amazing because almost anyone can become it, not to please others but because with a nice dress and heels on you can literally conquer the world.

Fashionistas are people among us ‘regulars’ that particularly stand out; people you take a second glance at. I’ll admit when looking at these people I would love to have their sense of style but I don’t and I am coming to terms with that; slowly.

One of my best friends, Emily and I took to the streets of Liverpool in England one Sunday and decided to find the fashionistas of the city. We found some amazing ones, not all of them were ‘perfect’ or societies version of fashionable but all of these lovely ladies looked amazing. So we decided to tell them and ask them (for the benefit of you!) where they got their clothes from.Andri in Liverpool

Andri was one of the first girls we pulled over to our camera space, wearing a cute maroon skater dress complimented with black tights and a light grey pull over. This outfit is my definition of autumn (fall) fashion. The perfect contrast between the maroon and grey really complimented her pale skin tone. It was even better when we found out where the clothes were from, very affordable and apparently comfortable!

Natalie, Rosie and Alysia were three amazing women we had the privilege to chat to that day as well, they were from London on a business trip here in Liverpool. They all actually work for a modelling agency (Alysia) being the founder and she was able to give me her card, if you are interested visit; Anyway, all three of them looked absolutely great! It’s important to dress to compliment your figure and they totally did this! Natalie’s shirt/jumper combo, Rosie’s ripped-knee jeans and Alysia’s black leather jacket Tiffany in Liverpoolwere all signature pieces to their outfits.

Tiffany was another beauty we pulled up, not only was her makeup amazing but her fashionable outfit was super sassy. All of her clothes and accessories were from affordable high-street shops, she was even rocking the beige Primark jumper – a personal favourite. Her white jeans, jumper and suede shoes were all very nicely contrasted with her light spring scarf.

After some lunch in St John’s shopping centre we then took to Bold Street (being previously on Church Street). Known for the indie clothes shops and amazing food, we knew we would be able to pick up some of Liverpool’s finest here.

Millie caught our eye when we seen her super cool pink hair! We immediately thought; this chick has got to be one of the best so far. Rocking the long furry cardigan (totally in this season as well) and the white Adidas trainers. A lot of her outfit was from high-street stores but unfortunately she couldn’t remember were her black top was from!

By accident we bumped into three young girls Miren, Madeleine and EllGirls in Liverpoolenor on Bold Street. These girls were so lovely and had some great outfits on. It’s rare when looking around to see a lot of fashionable people together (unless you’re at a fashion event!) but these girls weren’t run-of-the-mill fashion. I’d probably describe them more as the ‘indie’ genre! They gave me hope that the future won’t be completely unfashionable! Miren was loving the Dr Marti
ns, Madeleine brought back the 90’s with the blue demin jacket and Ellenor rocked the backpack style.

Ida and Lily were two amazingly nice girls we stopped (again) on Bold Street near to the end of the day. These girls looked like they were in a rush but luckily had enough time to chat! Ida was rocking the slightly more different style with a band tee

and black ripped skinny jeans whereas Lily was almost a complete contrast to her with a lovely little butterfly dress from Topshop and leather jacket from Miss Selfridge. Both were (of course) wearing their converse to complete their looks!

Lastly, Amanda (our last find of the day) was spotted by Emily. Wearing a simple sporty navy blue dress with a lovely pair of Primark sandals and a cute demin jacket she was more the classic night out look.

We actually approached a lot more people throughout the day but some didn’t want their pictures (understandable if you’re camera shy) or they are featured in the gallery but there was simply too many fashionistas to talk about in depth!

Check out more of the girls we loved below including where they got their clothes from, go ahead, steal their style! I know I want too!

 Written By Livia MaeScreen Shot 2015-09-02 at 10.34.18

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