Return Of Preppy

So autumn is round the corner and the catwalk is going crazy with colour! How are us everyday people meant to afford all this commotion when we can’t even be bothered to buy milk?

Well with a bit of ermm addictive online shopping and too many hours of browsing and maybe purchasing I’ve discovered an affordable catwalk personally for us ladies.

Taking the designer catwalk in to consideration they’ve done well, maybe too well bringing back the Mary Janes! We can be comfortable in heels again it’s a revolution.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 17.41.53Prada has introduced a future look shiny but elegant maybe a bit brave perhaps, but with the right fitted jeans the perfect statement look. Their choices of colors are just divine with pastels and a nice chunky heel putting our foot needs first. But then there’s Gucci I mean can you really go wrong with black feminine shoe? They are given us too much choice!

I then discovered the classic white shirt, something we all probably still have in our wardrobe but defiantly needs a re vamp. The catwalk never fails to hold back but the white shirt is still being worn in that classic way, one of my favorites at the moment is the oversized shirt wore as a dress. Add a basic belt and bring your waist in and you have an outfit for all occasions! And the less you spend on the dress the more you can spend on accessories I mean let’s be honest…

Although for the not so confident in the leg department we have the classic in this case Chanel suit armed with of course the crisp white shirt. Beautiful and elegant that will compliment any figure especially with that little bit of height with the Mary Janes.

So with this is mind, has anyone been in new look recently? I was amazed to find some gold pointed Mary Jane heels that tick all the boxes and are £19.99 without being in the sale. Although these are wide fit so for those teeny tiny feet we have forever 21 withScreen Shot 2015-09-07 at 17.41.57 an uncanny resemblance to Gucci. Classic patent leather and at a luxury label of £19 they also come in nude so maybe we’ll have both?

You may not have a forever 21 near by but they do deliver and I have never had any problems with sizes they’re always accurate.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 17.50.12Then for the classic white shirt where or where do we find a flattering white shirt? After browsing and reading reviews (we don’t want a see through I CAN SEE YOUR BRA material.) River Island honestly is the best value and the best for sizes and choice I mean I apologize now if you can’t choose between them. Firstly we have the masculine look, which is great if you’re slender and have some jazzy pants to style with and is £32 which you can buy here. You then have then same styleScreen Shot 2015-09-07 at 17.50.26 but sleeveless maybe if your planning a night out and want to be more dressed up with a simple 60s shape at £30. But then for my favorite we have the collar bib at £10 if you already have your perfect outfit but need that accessory for this seasons fashion then pair it with your Mary Janes on top of a dress or smart suit your sorted!

Now the white shirtdress was a tough find and I was starting to give up hope when I Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 17.52.50remembered good old faithful Asos. That then gave me 106 options of models wearing linen and it was over whelming but I am here to tell the tale. We have to be careful with false advertising cause an oversized shirt may look appealing and comfortable it may also make us look like unfortunately a sack of potatoes. So with this in mind I picked a vintage inspired tunic dress, it sounds brave although the cut at the bottom will give you an extra few inches of leg and at £38 and a good fit you can’t go wrong!

I hope I have succeeded in bringing the catwalk to retail prices and your wish list is now growing bigger and bigger.

Although with these teasing price labels a treat is always allowed, so treat yourself and enjoy ‘browsing’!

Written By Bethany LawsonScreen Shot 2015-09-02 at 21.46.01

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